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Shining Light on Sonoma County Sheriff’s Descent into Darkness and Mapping a Way Out
UPDATE: Sweden's Prostitution Solution: Why Hasn't Anyone Tried This Before?
Letter to the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Task Force
Use of Police Body Cameras in Cases of Violence Against Women and Children
Two Eye-Opening Police Recruiting Videos
See for Yourself! The Problems and Solutions Start Here!
PETITION Law Enforcement Reform Now!
WJC Recommendation to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault
Open Letter Re: US DOJ Findings on District Attorney Obligations and Accountability to Victims of Violence Against Women
Experience of Criminal Justice System Abuses by Gender, Info-graphic
Police Officers as Perpetrators of Crimes Against Women
Template Public Record Request Letters for Obtaining Violence Against Women Statistics from Your Local Justice System
One Week in the Hidden Epidemic of Police Violence Against Women
Improving Sex Crime Victim Interviews, 12 Do's and Don'ts
Justice Cancelled for Immigrant Women

Securing Access to Justice for Women - An Activist’s Guide to Improving Overall Criminal Justice Response to Violence Against Women

Protection and Justice for Women, Progress or Propaganda?
Does Law Enforcement Have a Duty to Victims of Violence Against Women?~ An Overview of 8 Key Legal Cases ~ 
Making Civilian Oversight of Police Work for Victims of Violence Against Women and Children
Why Your Vote for District Attorney is So Important, And Why it Especially Matters for Women
The Easy ABC of Ditching a Rape Case
Bulletin: DA Fires Veteran Victim Advocate Miriam Gaon
Call to Action! New police immigration practices endangering victims and communities
Why Doesn't She Leave?
DA Report Card ~ March 2006
From Disappointment to Disaster
Brainstorming Juarez and Beyond
Prostitution Crossroads on Santa Rosa Avenue
Online Handbook: Advocating for Women in the Criminal Justice System in cases of Rape, Domestic Violence, and Child Abuse
Mapping the Obstacles to Criminal Justice for Women  
DA Report Card: D is for Disappointment
Recommendations for Improving District Attorney Response to Violence Against Women and Children ~ March 15, 2002
Our Domestic Violence Court, A Deceptive, Dangerous Sham
How to Investigate Domestic Violence Homicide
Save Women ~ Save $$$
A Survey of 63 Domestic Violence Victims Shows How.
The Second Rape  
Talk About Rape, A Quiz
Of Courage and Contribution
Women Don't Have to Die
Fear of Calling the Police
Jackies Life - A Courtroom Joke
Three Mothers Speak Out
Cloverdale Police
The Language Line
Bilingual Community Treasures


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