A second victim who says she faced threats and harassment after being raped by a classmate in Maryville, Mo. has come forward.

Paige Parkhurst was 13 in January 2012, when she and Coleman, then 14, were having a sleepover at Coleman's home in Maryville, Parkhurst told Al Jazeera America.

The two girls wound up sneaking out of the house to attend a party at the home of Maryville High School football player Matthew Barnett, who was 17 at the time. Both girls say that Barnett and a 15-year-old boy -- whose name has not been released -- raped them at the party.

Parkhurst detailed the horrific night to Al Jazeera :

We got there, and they just started handing [Daisy Coleman] drink after drink after drink. And they had separated us as soon as we got there. And another boy that was there with me, had taken me into another room, and had sexually assaulted me, after me telling him no, pushing him away. And after he was done, he made me go back out into the living room with him, and we sat and waited until Matt was done with Daisy. … She couldn't walk, couldn't talk and just was talking like a baby.  CONTINUES