In case after case, men practice violence against their families before lashing out at the public.

In the wake of Wednesday’s attack on members of Congressat baseball practice in Northern Virginia, we’ve resurfaced this story. HuffPost has previously written about how men who attack the public often have a history of abusing those closest to them first. And in the U.S., most mass shootings are related to domestic violence. The suspect in Wednesday’s shooting― James Hodgkinson ― appears to fit this tragic pattern. He was previously arrested for domestic battery after allegedly assaulting his teenage foster daughter, though the charge was later dropped.

SHERIFF'S 2006 REPORT - HODGKINSON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (2 Counts Domestic Battery, Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm, 2 Counts of Battery, Criminal Damage to Motor Vehicle)

Questions: With multiple witnesses and the abundance of corroborating physical evidence, who dismissed this case and why? With all the media attention to this case how is it that the journalists are failing to dig into and answer these questions?


Domestic abuse can portend terror violence



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