This day we honor and celebrate 
the women who have given life to us, 
the women who give life to ideas, 
the women who died giving life, 
the women who wanted to have a child, but didn’t get to, 
the women who right now 
are tilling their fertile soil for new seed, 
this is for the women who choose not to have a child 
but have many children in their lives, 
the women who are in captivity, 
the women who are free, 
those who were mothered well, 
and those who had crazy mamas, 
because any mama that did not love you well, 
was not well enough, 
this is for the women who are struggling 
this moment to care for their babies, 
and the women who right now 
snuggle with little ones under feather comforters, 
for those whose mamas have gone on, 
and for those who are mamas to be, 
for women who miscarried precious life, 
and those who carried many, 
for single mamas who want their mate, 
and for married mamas who want to be seen and heard, 
for those who never got to have a mama hold them, 
and most of all… 
for all women and men 
who are in need re-mothering.

By Shiloh Sophia

About the artist/poet

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