Letter Re: Sexual Assault of a Minor Case #17008532

Oct 27, 2017

Escondido Police Chief Craig Carter and San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan,

It's now over six weeks since we wrote and asked your help in correcting your department's terrible mishandling of the case of sexual assault of a minor, a case in which the Latina girl under 14 years of age was repeatedly sexually assaulted over the course of a year by her uncle. (Our Sept. 12, 2017 letter is pasted below.)

Though you finally had a detective call the victim, he has not maintained contact, nor arranged for a pretext call, nor, at least as of a week ago, has he contacted the outcry witnesses. Those are just the beginning investigatory steps that should have been carried out long ago last July when the case was first reported. Moreover, In his one phone call to the victim following our first letter, the detective had the nerve to tell the girl that "these cases are hard to prove". Indeed, but there's nothing other than your department's deliberate indifference that makes it so. 

Furthermore, since our first letter we have found another girl residing in Escondido who was sexually approached by the same suspect when she was 9 years old. This not only adds to the considerable evidence available in the extant case, it immeasurably adds to the outrage. Understand that you are fully complicit in every other sex assault likely being perpetrated by this criminal who is now in his 40s.

Given the danger of this man to so many other young girls in your community, and given the imperative of justice for the victim and her family, we are now forwarding this communication along with our original letter to others in the community. It's our hope that they will impress on you the gravity and urgency of your sworn duty to handle these cases properly. The Escondido community should be especially concerned that your police department's discriminatory denial of equal protection to girls appears to stem from the chief on down.

Sincerely,  Marie De Santis, Women's Justice Center

See our Sept 12 letter to Chief Carter on page 2 and 3 here


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