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Prostitution Links
Enlaces acerca de Prostitucion

Access to Justice for Trafficked Persons

Prostitution Policies Around the World - Country by Country

Planos para construir un Refugio. Lineamientos de un modelo de atención para niños, niñas y adolescentes en explotación sexual comercial

California Anti-trafficking Legislation

Nevada Coalition Against Sex Trafficking

Should Prostitution be Legalized Before the 2010 Olympics? Online Conference from March 11, 2008

Plan Nacional para la Erradicación de la Explotación Sexual Comercial de niños, niñas y adolescentes 2008-2010. Costa Rica

A Law Enforcement Guide to Identification and Investigation:
The Crime of Human Trafficking - Includes online training videos

Canadian Aboriginal Women's Statement

Child Prostitution Mexico

Feds Abandon Prostitutes (Canada)

US State Department: Trafficking in Persons Report

Todos contra el trafico
The links between Prostitution and Sex Trafficking; a Handbook
USDOJ/Univ. of Penn, The Commercial Sexual Exploitation
of Children in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
US State Department Trafficking in Persons Reports
Abolicion de la prostitucion
March 2004 Congressional; Briefing Child Prostitution - Article
Libertad Latina: Extensive English and Spanish language Library on Prostitution
Prostitucion Infantil
Fundacion Esperanza
John Lowman's Prostitution Research Page (from Canada)
Canada Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation
San Francisco Year 2000 Resolution re Police Response
to Prostitution
Country by Country Laws Against Child Sex Exploitation
National NGO dedicated to ending home-based and foreign trafficking of women and children
Casa Alianza (English)
Casa Alianza (Espanol)
Trafficking in Women versus Prostitution: A False Distinction
USDOJ Trafficking Guide for NGO's
Ecpat: An international coalition of organizations to end
child prostitution
Prostitution Research and Education
Bibliography on the Demand Side of Prostitution
Interpol Country Catolog on sexual offences against children
Children of the Night (A Way Out for Children)
Revolving Door, An Analysis of Street Based Prostitution in New York City 2003
Stop the Abuse - New Zealand Campaign
Right of Women or Right to Women?
Quick Comparison of Four Country Responses to
Prostitution by England's BBC
Overview of the Sweden's Approach to Prostitution
Child Prostitution Literature Review
Example of Police Perpetrator and Cover Up - SF Chronicle
Another Overview of Sweden's Approach
Mujeres y Prostitucion en la Comunidad de Madrid (2002)
San Francisco: Child Prostitution
Prosecutor's Summary of Evidence in the Gary Ridgway (Green River) Homicides
Perverted Justice

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